Patient Testimonials

“I came to the doctor not being able to climb, throw a ball, bike or swim without a lot of pain.  With a lot of “popping and pulling” by Dr. Finnegan, I can now do all this and more without any pain.  I can do this because Dr. Finnegan said I could do all these sports activities and more if I would just give my body some time to straighten out.

How does she do it?  With gentle hands and a powerful vision.  She put me in some stretching machines and then cracked my body.  I felt like a teenager going through growing pains all over again.  That is the painful truth but I am also feeling like a teenager again by being able to climb, bike, run and swim all at the end of the day after teaching my students how to play sports.

Dr. Finnegan has a vision of how my body can perform with a healthy straight back and pain free movements.  I am glad to be part of her healthy way of achieving that vision.”

- Dianna J.

“After the past 3 months of receiving treatment from Dr. Finnegan even my mother would be proud of my posture.  I have always sat and stood with my shoulders slumped forward.  But no more.  This change has eliminated my lower back and neck pain, and I can now garden for hours without pain.  I found Dr. Finnegan to be a good listener, and very talented in her assessment and treatment.  I would and have recommended her highly.”

- Liz V.

“I learned about Dr. Finnegan through my participation at Curves.  I’ve been suffering from neck and back pain for years and while I had been actively working on reducing stress, I knew I needed to start a dedicated course of treatment or my physical well-being was in jeopardy.  I really enjoy Dr. Finnegan’s holistic approach to body work and chiropractic technique.  She fully explains the procedures and the results have been amazing.  My energy level has increased, my neck and back are no longer stiff and I feel that my circulation has greatly improved.  The time, energy and financial commitment have been very worthwhile.  The staff and other clients are very supportive as well.  Align Chiropractic is a wonderful environment and I’d highly recommend Dr. Finnegan to my friends.”

- Louise L.

“Ten years with pain as a companion due to osteoarthritis.  Multiple joint replacements relieved a lot of distress, but my body was traumatized by years of compensating for poorly functioning joints.  Now when I get up in the morning I often wonder what is missing.  Then I realize that it is my old companion, pain.  It is so wonderful to be pain-free.”

- Mary W.

“I came to Dr. Finnegan after many years of receiving chiropractic care from various doctors for neck and low back pain.  What I appreciate about Dr. Finnegan’s approach is the emphasis on postural change.  Her kind and caring manner, coupled with exercise and traction, has made a world of difference in how I feel.  In the past, I might have found temporary relief, but now I marvel at how pain-free my life has become.  Dr. Finnegan’s knowledge and skills bring positive results, and her office environment supports a sense of well-being and calm.  I am very grateful to have found her.”

- Phyllis G.

“So…it goes like this: my back and neck were killing me.  I couldn’t sleep more than an hour without needing to wake up and move; I couldn’t turn my head when I was driving unless I shifted my whole body.  I’d given up the gym and started gaining weight which made everything even worse and uncomfortable.

Then a friend told me about this amazing woman who also worked as a chiropractor on the side.  (Kidding.)  He told me about Dr. Finnegan and thought there were a few weeks during her intensive therapy sessions I wanted to give up because I felt like nothing was happening, she asked me to trust her and stick with the program.

I did.  And now, three months later, I can sleep, turn my head and I’m much more attractive (kidding again).  I feel so much better.  I thank God I met this woman.”

- Steve T.

"This was the first time I've ever been to a chiropractor and I loved it. I made an appointment for Thursday and ended up calling them on Wednesday to move my appointment to an earlier time. They were able to take me in no problem. When I first walked in the office was clean and aesthetically pleasing. Dallas was easy to talk to and friendly and Dr. Finnegan was so freaking amazing. She helped me gain my range of motion back on my right side and told me why I was feeling certain discomfort in my hips and wrist. Additionally she gave me tips on how to correct the posture."

- Keely F.

"My last visit to a chiropractor was more than a decade ago. I've relied on acupuncture, decompression therapy, and physical therapy, along with my own Iyengar yoga practice, Pilates, swimming, and hiking to manage my herniated disc (2013 diagnosis) and all the problems that came with it. I've been doing pretty well, despite low-grade aching back. But I've been so irritable and anxious! With one visit to Dr. Finnegan--who adjusted my neck and parts of my back--my irritability has vanished. Second visit was also profound. I had no idea that I even had neck issues, or that my irritability had a physiological cause. I feel like a new person."

- Susan W.

"Sent my 84 year old mother to Dr. Finnegan this week, this is the first time she has ever been to a chiropractor. No aches or pains, but thought it would be good for her to get checked out and see if anything could be improved. My mom was thrilled with the appointment and felt more mobility with the left side of her neck, not even realizing she didn't fave full motion. Unfortunately my Mom doesn't live in California, but was so impressed that she now would like to see a chiropractor just like Dr. Finnegan in her hometown in Oregon. Thanks!"

- Molly N.

"Dr. Carolyn Finnegan is the best chiropractor I've known. She is a very thoughtful and knowledgeable doctor. Shes one who understands a problem and deals with it to its disappearance or tremendous improvement. She is an amazing doctor; I recommend her to my family and friends."

- Irene L.

"I sought out Dr. Finnegan's help after suffering extreme pain from head and neck injuries and feeling really desperate to get non-drug help. The pain had grown insurmountable and was exacerbating long-term tension migraine headaches. In my first visit, Dr. Finnegan made astonishing adjustments to my neck that increased my 30% range of motion, to normal ROM. She did some other adjustments to address "bursitis" and a shoulder injury, as well, with great success. I have to say that I've always been somewhat incredulous at chiropractic services, because the practitioners I've seen always did a kind of rote series of adjustments and rarely focused on specific areas of need. Dr. Finnegan does not do a rote series; she does a thorough intake and works on those areas that are critical. Of course, because the body works holistically, she also adjusts connecting areas, and places of weakness. Overall, I'd give her 10 stars if I could; believe it or not after several years of chronic, increasing pain, I finally got that first day of 100% pain relief. No wonder she's been voted Oakland's Best for five years running. Although it will take some follow-up and work on my part to fix the problem, without her help, I would be living in misery. I cannot recommend her more highly than to say I trust this woman to crack the hell out of my neck, and cracking my neck is saving the quality of my life. Thank you Dr. Finnegan!"

- Heather W.

"I have now seen Dr. Finnegan over the past 11 months and I am very grateful for her. I saw that she has received Best of Oakland 5 times so figured I couldn't loose. My wrists, neck, upper back, hips, knees, elbows, you name it, have been causing issues for the last 5+ years. I noticed it was getting head aches when I wear heavier coats in fall and winter. I assumed something was going on with my neck. Dr. Finnegan adjusted my ribs which didn't hurt at all and now the headaches have stopped. She has really been able to provide pain relief and long term help.

I have had minor injuries over the years that have shifted the alignment of my body, plus, I have a lot of repetitive stress that happens from work. Unless I change careers that will always follow me but I have found that adjustments have helped greatly. If you're scared of the Chiropractor, don't be. Dr. Finnegan literally has your back. She's very professional, compassionate, and you can just feel that she really wants to help you.


Your office is perfectly located and I love the mid-century modern thing you have going on. Jessica at the front desk is very helpful and patient. I really appreciate her always going the extra step. Great customer service!"

- Paul K.

"Dr. Carolyn is professional and caring, with a keen eye for detail and a beautiful office to boot! During my 2+ months of treatment, I was consistently surprised by how many niggling aches and pains she was able to deal with by simple adjustments, beyond the more typical chiropractic issues of neck and lower back pain which were what led me to her office in the first place. She used myofascial release techniques to relieve my jaw/tooth grinding, had excellent recommendations for foot cramping, and in general felt like a welcome partner in my quest for strength and good health. I highly recommend her services, and will be back whenever the good effects of my previous treatment wear off!"

- Andrea D.

"Dr. Finnegan has an intuitive magic about her when he comes to the body. She just knows how to support her patients! She truly cares about the overall wellbeing of a person. She is also not shy if its something she's not able to support with something. She is a gifted Chiropractor. My clients also rave about her that I've referred to her. Thanks Carolyn."

- Soniyah S.

"Ok, I don't often take time to do reviews but Core Wellness Functional Medicine is well worth it and I will gladly say so. Dr. Carolyn Finnegan is a great listener and gentle in her approach. extremely knowledgeable about the human body from head to toe. I have had so much relief from sessions with her dealing with my aches and pains --tennis elbow, tight jaw, sciatica, my neck and back. Now, my husband and daughter are in her care and sing her praises."

- Ginger P.

"I've been to Dr. Finnegan numerous times, and I refer many of my friends and patients to her. She's an unusually gifted chiropractor (I've been to several). Her knowledge of anatomy and the interconnection of muscles and bones is unique. I've frankly never met someone who had such a deep knowledge of foot and lower leg anatomy, including several of my past podiatrists and my podiatric surgeon. She's helped several of my friends with lower back issues, and she has also done great work on friends with headaches, knee pain, and other concerns. She is well worth a consult -- and she's friendly and easy to work with, too!"

- Janet T.

"Dr. Finnegan is a phenomenal healer. She's been healing my neck and back. She's required me to get X-rays, and that was really illuminating. Her detailed and precise assessment charts out a plan for reducing degeneration that would have otherwise limited my freedom of mobility, and I believe my lifespan. Super happy to have found her, and I highly recommend her."

- Lorie S.

"Dr. Finnegan is one of the most gifted chiropractors I've been blessed to know in my many years of seeking this type of treatment. She is also a kind and wonderful person, and I feel fortunate to have her as an integral member of my wellness team."

- Brian R.

"I have been going to Dr. Finnegan for 5 weeks now. Lower back pain, a stiff neck and a bad knee. 5 weeks later, no more lower back pain, I can turn my head side to side, and I have 90% more flexibility with my knee. I feel so much better today. Dr. Finnegan is the best.

Thank you Core Wellness!"

- Aaron H.

"Dr. Finnegan is easily the most accessible chiropractor I have ever worked with; she is available when I need her and both remembers all my 'issues' and can diagnose and treat them with great success. She listens to my information (needs and requests) and applies treatment that matches what I want. Way more attentive then the typical 'crack-crack' see you next week. Highly recommend."

- Michael F.

"Just started seeing Dr. Finnegan last week and couldn't be more pleased! I've been receiving physical therapy from other providers around Oakland, but never felt like I was a priority. Just another patient to get in and out of the door. Needless to say... after working with Dr. Finnegan I am no longer with those providers.

Dr. Finnegan was patient and thorough. She was able to accurately diagnose my pain and give me adjustments. On top of that, her office has a pleasant environment located by Lake Merrit.

I would highly recommend her to friends and family!"

- Jared L.

"Dr. Finnegan is a miracle worker and an incredibly lovely person. She has a gift for knowing exactly where your body needs untangling. She's tackled my migraines and resolved neck pain that was affecting my work and mood. Far from the standard crack and go I've experienced from others, her comprehensive approach to chiropractic care customizes your individual needs. Many thanks!"

- Annabel C.

"I am so happy that Dr. Finnegan is back at pun intended! She is such a great adjuster and fixer of the things that ail you physically. I have never found another chiropractor in her absence. She is professional, competent, knowledgeable and a pleasure to be adjusted by. Welcome back Carolyn!"

- Polly H.

"I think Dr. Finnegan is one of the best chiropractors in the Bay Area! I am a massage therapist, and have met many chiropractors over the years. Dr Finnegan has helped me resolve many painful issues... my own, my family's, and sometimes those of my massage clients, too. I think the difference is in the additional years of training required to practice the type of chiropractic care that she does. I really like how every single thing you do there is part of a customized treatment plan. It's all about getting you the results that you want!"

- Andrea T.

"Yesterday was my 21st first day of school. These past 6 years I've had major anxiety, sweat so much and [because I'm a teacher] the orientations with parents are so hard on me. Plus, getting ready for school exhausted me. I mean to the point of coming home and not being able to get off the couch. I usually don't sleep the night before, but this year I did. This year I've been at school the week before school everyday for 7 hours, and I'm tired but not fatigued. I spoke to a group of parents yesterday and was a tad nervous but not like the previous years. Thank you for helping me get well. I know the road to health is long for me but now it's shorter. Thank you for being able to really treat me and not just try to put me on antidepressants or tell me that I'm just not believing I'll get well. Yes, that's what other doctors have said. You are making a difference. I'm getting my life back."

- Camellia H.

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